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Premium Quality

POD power banks are uniquely constructed for people on-the-go. Integrated high-energy lithium polymer batteries, POD power banks have high energy capacity that allows for faster charging. Our Power Banks are lightweight, dust proof, shockproof and water resistant to stand up to rigors of your active lifestyle.

Wide Compatibility

POD Power Banks are compatible with a wide range of mobile phones, tablets, cameras, speakers, headphones, and more. No matter what device, we’ve got you covered.

Safe to Use

Instantly charge your mobile phones and other electronic devices without worrying about power surges, short circuits and inverse current.


We added cool built-in features to our Power Banks to meet the requirements of the the tech-advanced population. POD Power Banks boasts its cool add-ons such as Counterfeit Money Detector, large LED light panel and mono-crystalline solar panel.