Lighting Kits

Wearable Safety Lighting

Features built-in LED lights to provide hands-free direct lighting. These adjustable wearables are waterproof, shockproof, durable and offer an ultra-light comfort for all day whether you are at work or on an outdoor adventure.

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Worksite Safety Lighting

High-quality and portable work-site lighting solutions that can suit any work environment.

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10W Solar-Powered Lamp and Power Bank

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The POD LED Super Flares are highly effective equipment that provides 360-degree visibility to keep you safe during emergencies.

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Our worksite lighting kits are made with durable and waterproof aluminum housing, explosion proof LED lights, and powerful Lithium ion battery to illuminate your work area even on harsh conditions.

Portable and Durable

Made with lightweight materials and designed to adjust to a variety of convenient angles to give you light wherever you need it.