Jump Starters


The POD-X1 car jump starter is an innovative, multi-function jump starter conveniently sized to fit in your pocket or glove compartment. Designed for usability and style, POD-X1 is perfect for daily use, cranking up to 400 Peak Amps to charge your electronic devices and start your car over and over.

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The POD-X4 is a durable personal power supply that charges your electronics and also has the power to jump-start cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and other motorized vehicles. This unit is perfect for fleet vehicles, construction and utility companies.

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The powerful POD-X5 boasts up to 700 Peak Amps to juice your trucks, tractors, muscles cars and will even start diesel engines. This powerful compact jump starter offers the industry’s first 3-year warranty.

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POD-X Diesel Kit

This on-demand Diesel Kit is the ultimate jump starter for dual battery vehicles, designed to release power equally to each battery for instant starting every time. The POD Diesel Kit includes 2 powerful POD-X4, 2 High performance jumper cables, 2 power supplies in a sleek and durable case.

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The industrial strength POD-X10 uses high temperature resistant battery cell, aluminum shell and fire resistant ends as well as the latest lithium polymer technology capable of producing an incredible 1100 cranking amps for 12V or 24V machines.

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POD Jump starters feature 5V USB ports for charging your mobile phones, MP3 players, tablets, cameras and other electronic devices; 19v power output for charging laptops and other electronics; high- power LED flashlight with Coast Guard approved SOS, beacon and strobe functions; and charges your Night Sparrow and LED Flares. The POD Jump Starter allows 4 electronic devices to charge at a time.


A POD Jump Starter Kit comes with heavy duty jumper cables with clamps, 2 adapter cables, 1 home charger, 1 car charger, 8 cell phone/tablet connectors and 8 notebook connectors and is compatible with just about any electronic device.

Safe to Use

Instantly jump-start your vehicles and charge your electronic devices without worrying about power surges, short circuits and inverse current.


Each unit houses up to 14000mAh and holds a usable charge for up to twelve months with its Class A Battery. With the POD Jump Starter series, you can jump-start a vehicle up to 20 times on a single charge.

Ultra Compact and Lightweight

POD Jump Starters' sleek design is small enough to fit in your glove box and in your pocket, and light enough to carry around. The POD Jump Starter series each weighs around 12 ounces and made with durable materials to withstand impact and harsh conditions.