Jump Starter Kits

POD Air Kits

The POD Air Kit includes a POD Jump starter that can jumpstart motor vehicles and charge electronics, and a 12V portable air compressor/inflator to pump up flat tires and inflatables such as basketballs, rafts, pools and toys.

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POD Tire Repair Kits

Each POD Tire Repair Kit comes with a Pod air compressor that inflates a tire in 8 minutes, jumper cables, mobile charging cables, Monster Seal, POD car charger, wall charger, POD accessory bag.

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POD Flare Kits

This roadside emergency kit includes a POD Jump starter to jump-start your vehicle and charge your electronics, and a compact waterproof LED emergency flare that emits 360° of ultra-bright light from 16 LEDs and had 9 flash patterns that are visible over 1 mile away.

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POD Lighting Kits

Our POD Lighting Kits come in 3 different variations of POD Fleet/Installer Kit, POD-X4 Kit with 10 Watt LED Light work Light, POD-X5 Kit with 10 Watt LED Light work Light. Each lighting kit includes a POD jumpstarter, a rechargeable LED work light, adapter cables, home chargers car charger, notebook connectors, jumper cable with clamps.

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A POD Jump Starter Kit comes with heavy duty jumper cables with clamps, 2 adapter cables, 1 home charger, 1 car charger, 8 cell phone/tablet connectors and 8 notebook connectors and is compatible with just about any electronic device.


Our innovative and high-quality components are made with the best materials and designed to withstand the stresses of demanding use.


Our jump starter kits are highly reliable - complete with air compressor and inflator, tire repair tools, emergency flare and lighting in a waterproof case that you can stash in your trunk in case of emergencies. Ideal for roadside assistance, emergencies and repairing punctured tires vehicles, ATVs, carts, bicycles and more.